Coastal Patrol Cadet Corps, Inc.


Welcome Aboard!

Over the Past 39 Years it has been my pleasure to have known the hundreds of children who have passed through our doors and marched proudly on our deck.

I receive great satisfaction overseeing their growth, dedication and achievement, and I continue to stand by and salute their hard work as it is exhibited through their extraordinary triumphs.

In our Organization everyone has a role, the Officers work toward being the foundation that holds this Corps together. The Cadets come together and do their best to appeal to the community with their hard work and exemplary character. Our Band personifies these efforts through their music, now the rest is up to you!

Coastal Patrol Cadet Corps is now exempt from federal income tax under section 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code as an organization described in section 501(c)(3).

We Challenge You To Be One of Us!

Our activities are designed to build upstanding Americans, with physical and mental stamina, discipline and obedience. Instructions are given in numerous categories, including military discipline, leadership, infantry drill, rifle drill, seamanship, navigation, first-aid, communications, boat handling, drum, bugle and band instruments.

The members of our organization come under the personal observation of trained officers. They are given a true understanding of the rights, privileges and obligations of all Americans and learn this valuable lesson in a clean environment and amid agreeable surroundings. At the age of eighteen, when they have reached the threshold of life, and have acquired the priceless assets of thorough physical development, mental alertness and thinking obedience which has constituted authority; meanwhile, they have been scarcely conscious of the process of character building from principles that have become, for them, a lifelong habit, instilled by a program of interesting lectures, drills, parades, camps, athletic contests, and entertainments which have held their interest through their variety and reward for meritorious work.


  • To train qualified Cadets to become Commissioned Officers in the Coastal Patrol.
  • To train the Cadets in leadership and to instill in them an abiding sense of honor, responsibility and mature citizenship.
  • To provide a sound background by combining a nautical and non-naitical education to prepare the cadet for a successful career in the Coastal Patrol.
  • To develop in the Cadet a PRIDE in their Organization and a determination to uphold its finest TRADITIONS

We're always looking for young people interested in joining!


You will learn military drill, customs & courtesies and help out in your community.

You will belong to a Unit you can be proud of. We go on trips, baseball games, camping and compete in drill competitions with other Cadet organizations. You will have opportunities to become a member of our special teams & units, such as Infantry & Trick Drill, The Band, Ceremonial Guard & COBRA Team. We`ll keep you busy! We will present you with many activities all year around.


  • Boys & Girls 9 years old & older as a Navy Cadet.
    proof of age requried, birth certificate and/or school record
  • Boys & Girls from 12-18 years old as Marine Cadets


  • Come to our meeting


  • September thru June every Friday from 6:45pm to 9:15pm
    Look at our Calendar to verify scheduled meeting


  • St. Brigid's Auditorium 438 Grove Street Ridgewood (St. Nicholas Ave & Wyckoff)


  • $20.00 enrollement fee; & weekly dues are $1.00 (Uniforms not included)